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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Find Your Most Complimentary Colors

(Click for larger images.)
Source: 1000 Hints Beauty #7, 1956

I promise I still have tons of interesting things to share with you guys, I've just been busy with life. Hopefully this blog will pick up a bit after Christmas.


Lisa said...

Neat! I think there're more than a few tricks I could pick up here! Thanks for sharing. Wish my eyebrows luck!

Glamour Daze said...

Ricki, as ever your posts are sumptious and generous. Great beauty article! Love the color chart. Have a very happy new year.x

LovelyPinup said...

I love how often colour used to be used in makeup in the 50s. I wish makeup was used with more freedom nowadays. I get curious stares just for my red lipstick and cat eyeliner, let alone for blue and purple eyeshadow!

Gorgeous and glam <3

Anonymous said...

hah! I think women then hadn't so much trouble with choosing right lipstick colour :) there were so few available.

Gibson Girl Edwardian Fashion said...

Interesting hat "Avocado"is marked as a lipstick color. I can't imagine what part of an avocado has a color one would want for a lipstick (the pit???)

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