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It's the Cut That Counts

(If you click on the images you can see larger versions. I highly recommend it.)
Source: American Hairdresser, June 1946

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The "Hairbow"

In my previous post I linked to a bunch of hairstyles from the New York Public Library's Digital Galleries. I decided to do a separate post on the one below because it reminded me of a style I've seen recently in a photo of Lady Gaga. Behold, the "hairbow": 

New style for dressing the hair, with details. (1870)
New style for dressing the hai... Digital ID: 825046. New York Public Library

New York Public Library

NYPL Digital Scans on Hairstyles

Another awesome source for hairstyles.
Some of my favorites:

Hairstyles for teenage girls
[Hairstyles for teenage girls,... Digital ID: 825172. New York Public Library

Classic coiffure ; Bridal coif
Classic coiffure ; Bridal coif... Digital ID: 825078. New York Public Library

Bride’s veil, new coiffure
Bride’s veil, new coiffure. Digital ID: 825065. New York Public Library

Evening coiffure -- back and front
Evening coiffure -- back and f... Digital ID: 825114. New York Public Library

Head-dresses in the latest styles
Head-dresses in the latest sty... Digital ID: 825043. New York Public Library

Coiffures de mariées
Coiffures de mariées. Digital ID: 817842. New York Public Library

Out of the Past

(Click on these images to open the large versions.) 
Source: American Hairdresser, February 1939

Check out these amazing recreations of 18th and 19th century hairstyles. 

Parting the Hair

(Click on the images to get a better view.)
Source: Practice and Science of Standard Barbering, ⓒ 1938-1958

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Lengthy Solutions

(Click on the images to see more details.) 
Source: American Hairdresser, February 1939

This post is for SwingSister and all the other ladies with long hair. 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finger Waving: Matching Waves and Finger Waving on a Live Model

(Click on the images to get a better view.) 
Source: Practice and Science of Standard Barbering, ⓒ 1938-1958

Popular Finger Waved Hair Styles

(Click on the image to enlarge.)
Source: Practice and Science of Standard Barbering, ⓒ 1938-1958

Fingerwave instructions from this book coming soon. 

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