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Friday, May 30, 2008

40 Ways to Wear Your Hair

(Click picture for a larger version.)
Source: Unknown

I wish I had a really large, clean version of this graphic. It has some really great styles and it's great for inspiration. 

Shirley Temple Hairstyle

(Click on picture for a larger version.)
Source: American Hairdresser, March 1935

How to get that Shirley Temple look for the little girl. Can you imagine a kid sitting through all this at the hairdresser? 

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hairdos for School Days

(Click on the picture for a bigger version.)
Source: Modern Beauty Shop, September 1941

Age-appropriate hairstyles from first grade through college

Acceptable for All Occassions

(Click on the picture for a larger version.) 
Source: American Hairdresser, December 1942

Three styles: 
(1) Go to New Lengths
(2) Follow the Waves
(3) Wedding on Leave

The second page is the setting styles for those hair styles on the first page. These pages are side by side in the magazine. 

Farrah Fawcett Hair

(Click on the picture for a bigger version.) 
Source: Teen Beat Magazine, October 1976

I usually go for old hair, but this is such a classic style that it can't be overlooked. I wish I could get my hair that big and wavy. 


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