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Friday, June 26, 2009


*Rat Showing Very Plainly

I love the story in this article.
(Click on the pictures to read a larger version.)
Source: American Hairdresser, April 1943

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50sme said...

I especially love this post! I learned about rats a while back and decided I would make my own. The info I got from a 40's mag. was to use your own hair that you have saved over time, stuff the hair into a hair net and sew together. It works very well but it does take time to save your hair. Im sure you are quite aware that women saved their hair in "hair recievers" for some time and a reciever was a common vanity or night table item. Another problem I had is that I color my hair every few months and the hair you save can change shades pretty dramatically sometimes. This post gives me a whole new project! thanks.

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