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Friday, August 14, 2009

For Safety's Sake!

(Click on the images to read the text.)
Source: Modern Beauty Shop, April 1943

Who doesn't love Veronica Lake, even without her signature hairdo? "No more playing hide-and-seek behind her peek-a-boo behind hairdo!"


Drisana said...

Wonderful post! It's so interesting to see how the war perhaps swung trends in a different direction. Either way, the short/pulled-back hairstyles were just as becoming.

Actually, I think I may have seen a YouTube vid that goes hand in hand with the article.

Ricki said...

Drisana, maybe you saw it here: http://beautyisathingofthepast.blogspot.com/2008/06/youtube-hairstyle-for-safety-wwii.html !

It's funny how scared everybody was about hair getting stuck in machines. Oh to have women in the workforce.

Drisana said...

Oh! I didn't know that had been posted on the site already. Must have been from before I followed the blog. Indeed, it was pretty funny! But it makes me wonder, some of the hairstyles on the red carpet today are way less beutiful ornate even than those of working women of the 40's. (Hmm...maybe that's just my opinion, though, I was absolutely born in the wrong time style-wise!)

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