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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lauren Bacall

Style icon Lauren Bacall died yesterday in New York City at the age of 89.

Vogue described her hair as "Right for day, evening, city, country, probably the most American cut ever." 

Lucky for us, over at Victory Vintage they should us how to the Lauren Bacall look. (Unfortunately, the original scanner whose fingers are at the bottom was not found.)

"How Lauren's hair is cut: 
The hair is parted on the left. The top lock on the thick, or right side, is just long enough to form a curl at the temple. The hair is blunt-cut to one and one-half inches below shoulder length at the sides, tapering to about two inches below shoulder length in the back."

How Lauren's hair is set: 
The top lock is set in two rows of four stand-up curls set perpendicular to the part and rolled under toward the back of the head.

The sides and back are set in two rows of large pin curls, starting just above the ear and sloping down across the back in slight curve.

After the hair has been combed out, it should be brushed vigorously to give the curls a soft, natural look."

And here's a close up of the pin-curl diagram.

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