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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lemons for Your Hands

(Image is a linker to the full-size image.)
Source: Lemons for Loveliness, 1935


doradadama said...

great ideas.. my mama uses lemon and sugar for extra soft hands.

A said...

I never thought to use lemon on my hands. Good idea actually. I'm even tempted to try the lemons on the elbows, too.

ina said...

Oh, now I remember I used the lemon halves for my elbows when I was younger and it actually worked, I had totally forgot about it. It was those old tips my mom used to tell me. Thank you for reminding me!
I really like you blog, btw.

melina bee said...

thanks for this-- I only recently started manicurng my nails and taking care of my hands. I had never heard the tip about lemons although I will def. try it.

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