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Friday, August 1, 2008

Trouble Corner

From the September 1932 American Hairdresser: a few tips and beauty alternatives

Effect of Vinegar Rinse on Dark Hair
Question--Please advise us as to whether a vinegar rinse on dark hair would have a tendency to make it gray or cause it to become gray sooner. -- C. M. H. 
Answer--No, this would not have a tendency toward making dark hair gray. A vinegar rinse brings out the natural oil in the hair and softens the texture of it, giving a glossy sheen. 

Camomile Tea
Question--Will you kindly advise me what is necessary to make the liquid of camomile "take" when used to color the hair? I know several hairdressers who use it with good results, but I have not been able to get the shade on the hair. I have steeped a half cup of camomile flowers (Roman) in a pint of boiling water for about one hour, steeping slowly in an agate pan to be sure that the metal of anything such as tin or aluminum would not act on the color. Although I have tried it on three different heads, I cannot get any color out of the camomile. I know they are the real camomile as I buy them from an old herb store and the sell any herb ever know.-- M. C. S. 
Answer--This treatment does not change the color of any shade of hair. It is soothing to the scalp and brings out the highlights after the second or third treatment, and there isn't anything you can purchase which is superior to real camomile flowers. If you read an advertisement which says camomile will change the color, there are, no doubt other chemicals or ingredients mixed with it. 

To Soften Flesh on Side of Nail
Question--What would help to soften flesh on side of the nail that has become hardened and almost callous-like? Customer, previous to having manicures, used the cuticle cutter to trim the nail and has made a very unsightly hardened spot. What would you suggest? 
Answer--Apply a good cuticle oil daily and use pumice stone instead of cutting the nial. If you patron is in the habit of biting her nails, there is no correction. 

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