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Saturday, July 31, 2010

For a Busy Little Miss

Can you imagine giving your kid a perm?

(Click on these cool images to enlarge.)
Source: Modern Beauty Shop, January 1943


Lavender and Twill said...

It's not really something you think of doing now is it?

My Mom used get rag~curl perms from my Grandmother for Sundays though!

b. of Depict This!

judidarling said...

I do indeed remember getting Tonette perms. The best part--the paper dolls that came with each kit, just the thing to keep little hands busy and little bodies seated. One of my favorite pictures of me is of my first perm; I looked like a strawberry blond poodle. LOL!

Tonette said...

Born 1950,as a boy, from ages 5-11, my mother curled my shortish blonde hair with numerous home permanents and used pincurls, clips/rollers. Similar to "Busy Little Miss",I remember stylings similar but not as long. A permanent to a kid? It was very common from young toddlers to our Grandmothers. Before age 9, all my permanents required wearing the curler rods all day or all night and THEN having it set, which with my Mom's quirk against using heat, wore the hair sets all day or night. My main problem was the horrific waving odor, which I never got used to.

Erin said...

I actually had a perm done for the first time when I was in third grade, at all of 7 or 8 years old, so absolutely I can imagine it... :) Would I let my girls get perms now? No way! It fried my hair and looked awful.

Rachel said...

I got my hair permed when I was 4. And I was born in 1986. I have a love hate thing with perms. I want them, but then I hate them. And my hair is to long for pin curls... :(

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