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Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Shampoo

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Source: A Girl and Her Hair, 1947

"Hair should be shampooed as often as it becomes dirty--which, in turn, depends upon your own activities and environment. A shampoo may be required weekly, and sometimes even twice a week."


Leaking Moonlight said...

Uh, uh. No. Not even with my pinky wrapped around that gold-rimmed china cup.

(My dad said people smelled in the 1940s, but it wasn't too bad because everyone was smelly.)

The Zany Housewife said...
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Anonymous said...

I fairly shocked there is objection and disdain for weekly or biweekly shampooing on a vintage beauty blog of all places.
After taking the time to wash, condition , rinse, finger wave or pin curl set my hair, let alone drying time, I don't want to have to turn around and do it again the next day or even the next. I know I am not alone, I've read many ladies on vintage hair forums post their lasting time for sets.
A normal head of hair under normal circumstances does not smell bad if not shampooed daily. Twice a week or once a week for certain hair and scalp types is fine.Actually its better for your hair and scalp. If you've been doing a lot of sweating, or spent long times in enclosed areas with bad odors, then maybe you would need more frequent cleansing.

Can I get a witness, please ?

I love, love , love this blog. I have linked to it from mine. No need to thank me, no really, I just started and haven't told a soul except one other blogger. I need to feel it out a bit first and get my confidence and posts up. It' hard to find the time. I have tons of ideas though.

Ricki said...

I know you said no need to thank you, but thank you anyway for the link. I love your blog. The fingerwaving instructions are awesome.

I have thin, straight, oily hair. I wash it every other day, although I want to try using dry shampoo on my roots only in between washing because my hair gets super flat and oily. If I curl my hair, I don't mind it being a little more oily because I don't have to work about the flat top. Washing your hair everyday actually causes your head to create more oils, making it more necessary to wash your hair everyday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly.
My Nana made her own dry shampoo, the exact same recipe as deodorant I just posted about it last week. Half baking soda, half cornstarch and essential oils (lavender). She just roared when she saw my mother had purchased a product called Mini-poo which had basically the same three ingredients. I a brand marketed to me that retails for $20! For corn starch and essential oils! Of course they listed it as zea mays to pretty it up.
I broke a leg and was in traction for a month. I had only this for the first two weeks. It does work.

You may know how to make this already, but maybe one of your readers could use the info.

You're so right about more frequent washing = more oils.

Ricki said...

I love hair products that come from my kitchen, so I'll have to try your Nana's recipe.

Modern Suzie said...

My hair becomes horribly dry if I wash it everyday! The most I ever try to wash it is every other day and it never smells in between (what are you doing that your hair would smell bad anyway?????).

Anonymous said...

I think unless you've got an oily scalp and therefore oily hair as a consequence, or work in an environment that gets your hair dirty, the average woman could probably get away with less frequent shampooing. And as one commenter pointed out, some hairstyles can be a bit time consuming, so you don't want to have to repeat the whole process every day.

I find the more often I wash my hair, the more it seems to need it. Its hard to "wean" my hair off this habit.


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